The subtle and elegant trim system

The most popular trim system engineered to provide a permanent, direct-to-the-wall installation, at an economical price. With its striking 3/4″ face, this series was designed for the discriminating designer who desires an elegant style trim that does not overpower the room but complements and harmonizes with modern decor schemes. 

  • Subtle Framing
  • 3/4″ Exposed Frame
  • Available as a knock-down option, for customizable assembly on-site


Easi Install

All of our boards are available fully assembled but we also have a unique alternative. Using our innovative “Easi Install“ system, you can save on shipping, handling and installation. Mounting the tray directly to the wall first allows the installer the flexibility to anchor directly to the wall at 16" centers. Once up, the framed unit smiply drops in the tray and is fastened at the top either through the map rail or using simple L clips.

  • Boards lay flat for shipping and handling
  • Allows distributors to stock 3 different styles of boards
    (same board-3 optional trays)
  • Board is installed up to 10% faster
  • Stronger installation
  • Easier handling


  1. Fasten tray securely to wall
    (provided loose).
  2. Remove clips from perimeter of board.
  3. Locate studs—if applicable—and fasten clips through slot B into studs (wall).
  4. Note: larger boards may have 3 clips.

  1. Set board tray.
  1. Tap down clips to sit on top of board.
    Using screw removed in step 1,
    fasten clips to board through hole C.
  2. Note: screws are self drilling, use
    electric drill with Robertson #2 bit
    to install.

Surface Options

High-Gloss and Low-Gloss Markerboards
White 29

High Gloss

Low Gloss

Light Gray 25

High Gloss

Low Gloss

Beige 03

High Gloss

Low Gloss

Ultra Matte Chalkboards
Green 06

Ultra Matte

Black 11

Ultra Matte

Gray 23

Ultra Matte

Magenta 6527
Pale Blue 6551
White 6529
Taupe 6535
Red Orange 6562
Spring Green 6543
Winter Gray 6558
Olive 6518
Winter Blue 6523
Light Gray 6508
Cream 6573
Purple 6520
Natural Cork
Dark Brown 5823
Light Royal Blue 5832
Rust Orange 5825
Blue Gray 5824
Fennel Green 5826
Light Taupe 5821
Light Tan 5822
Deep Purple 5834
Black 5836
Gray Blue 5820
Ivy Green 5829
Charcoal 5833
Neutral Gray 5521-94
Muted Gray 5521-97
Snow White 5621-02
Cream Beige 5621-30
Rich Cream 5721-05
Light Gray 5721-70
White Beige 5821-13
Chromium White 5821-93
Ebony Black 5821-99
Clay Beige 5921-38
Burnt Sienna 5921-54
Deep Red 5921-64
Royal Blue 5921-69
Dark Taupe 5921-98
Lettuce Green 2213
Black 2209
Pale Almond 2186*
Blue Berry 2214
Light Taupe 2187
Cinnamon 2207
Light Gray 2162
Light Mustard 2212
Salsa Red 2210
Dark Taupe 2208
Nutmeg Brown 2166*
Pale Gray 2206
Cold Gray 2204
Brown Gray 2182*
Tangerine Orange 2211

*Colors available to be shipped in 48 hours.

Fabric Tac® available in a wide range of colors from virtually any fabric manufacturer including Guilford, Maharam, Knoll®, and Victor.
Forbo® is a registered trademark of Forbo Flooring Systems.

Due to variance among color monitors the colors that appear on your screen may not be exact.
If color is important you must request samples prior to ordering.

ASI Visual Display Products Inc. reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.